The Fast and Easy Way to Convert Social Media Comments Into Cash!


Bring the power of internet marketing into your life with a comment selling platform. The power to interact with your customers on an immediate basis while providing information in real time can be one of the greatest advantages to using a comment selling platform for your blog or website. From product reviews to blog comments to forum responses, you will be able to engage your readers more and generate more sales than ever. Not only can you monetize this form of internet marketing, but also build relationships with others in your niche that can help grow your online business, view comment sold. Convert social media comments into immediate sales, manage all facets of your company with a custom comment selling platform, and engage shoppers at the heart of the social web.

The first step to getting started is to sign up for a free account on a reputed comment selling site. These platforms provide the tools you need to manage and schedule your posts across multiple social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Orkut and more. Once signed up, you can now search for potential prospects using keywords and keyword phrases that best define your product or service. For an additional fee, you can also choose a custom landing page to help you drive more traffic to your website.

When selling a product or service through a comment selling platform, you can save time by focusing on your strategy. Signing up for multiple accounts enables you to post directly to multiple communities, and track your results using custom reports. This not only helps you understand your audience and the best strategy to communicate with them, but also gives you the opportunity to make quick changes as new trends emerge.

Integrating a comment sold into your marketing mix provides a unique opportunity to create a viral marketing campaign through social selling. With one click of the mouse, your prospects can be immediately connected to you and your offer, also learn. Leverage these powerful tools to save time while still connecting with prospects that are highly motivated to buy. Newer platforms make it easier than ever to manage and track your open rates and revenue by integrating your data with that of other marketers in your industry.

One of the most appealing features of a commenting network is its ability to leverage your URL's across multiple social media sites. In addition to your profile URL, you can set up a custom landing page where visitors can learn more about you and see examples of your work. Your URL can be promoted as a means to connect with prospects. Invoicing and tracking through the comments made on your posts can be integrated into your email campaigns, newsletter subscriptions, auto responder services and more. An easy to use report generator lets you generate custom reports and dashboards for every sale generated by your e-business using the built in reporting interface that comes included with the platform. The Comment selling platform has received high ratings from its users, and has been used successfully by thousands of sellers worldwide.

The Comment selling platform provides an e-business owner with a high quality, low priced autoresponder that will quickly and easily convert social media comments into cash. It does this through a unique link building system that allows you to automate the generation of hundreds of lead capture forms that will go directly to your subscribers. With detailed reports that track all of the comments, form generated, and potential new customers you will know exactly which comments are generating sales for your business. To date, this system is one of the best ways to automatically invoice shoppers for your e-commerce site. Read more at .